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cool thanks.Im very new to photography and just have one 35mm that i plan to use for mainly macro work I am going to use mostly colour film but I want to try some b&w too,its something I never see.
Welcome to photography and welcome to APUG - a great resource for photographic knowledge and idea sharing. If you are shooting 35mm, the small Patterson Tank I mentioned will do up to 2x35mm 36 exposure films without difficulty. The chemistry will cost mere pennies, and the gear, as was mentioned, can probably be had for free or next to it as people stop using it. The beauty is that you can play with the chemistry and obtain superb negatives with which to work (be it traditional wet printing or digital scanning).

Do give home B&W developing serious consideration as it is supremely easy (and there are lots of how-to's on the web or at your local public library).

Have fun!