Sigh, ok, here goes again.

Dishwashing fluids are most often alkaline, have dyes in them and scents along with skin oils to prevent dishwasher hands. And, lots of other stuff. The surfactant in them is often ionic such as di-nonlyl napthalene sulfonic acid sodium salt.

Ever see the sink type dishwasher fluid that is yellow? Thats dye. Does it smell good? Thats the scent, and if you wash your hands with it, it leaves them silky smooth, that is the oil.

Go ahead, use it on your film. I don't care. But you can get lots of good surfactants out there such as Tween, Alkanol, TritonX 100 and others, but Kodak, Ilford and Fuji all supply good surfactants that are guaranteed to be harmless when used on film. The best surfactant is nonionic with a neutral pH.