Just wondering of anyone knows of a replacement for Photo-Flo that can be found around the house. When I was a kid, I think I used to put a drop of dish washing soap in the water to get the water to sheet off the film.
Hi Dave,

As orhers have said, it is possible - but not advisable - to use washing-up liquid (Fairy Liquid is a popular UK brand) as a replacement for wetting agent. Having done so a couple of times in an 'emergency' (some clown of a student had contaminated the college's diluted wetting agent with fixer) I'd add that you should make sure it's very dilute.

How dilute? Put a tiny drop onto a finger, wash this almost off under a tap and then add the rest to the final rinse water. Then discard 75% of this water and top up with fresh. You need it so that when you agitate the water with a finger only a small number of bubbles appear. Anything more will leave a nasty deposit on your film.

But as others have rightly said, a proper wetting agent is way preferable to using liquid soap. Your precious negs are worth the few pounds or dollars for the real stuff.