Sorry Tom. No info for you. Instead I am piggybacking on your thread for info, if I may. As it is 4 bath, is this the kit that separates bleach and fix? If it does how does it get to 4 bath? Is the stop bath considered part of the kit but presumably not supplied or is is dev, bleach, fix and stabiliser that makes up the 4 baths?

What quantity does it come in? As it's a kit, are we back to the problem of ending up with bleach and fix left over and accumulating as an new kit has to be bought each time for developer?

I have followed PE's posts of the problems of using blix with C41. Not everyone agrees that blix is a problem but until I try a separate bleach and fix process to see with my own eyes, I'll never know.

Thanks for any info on the Fuji kit you can give.