On the 4 baths: I assume the four baths are developer, bleach, fix, and stabilizer or a final rinse. I want to try avoiding a film blix. The Fuji chemistry is advertised as a 5lt kit, to develop 60 rolls.

The issue of the final bath is interesting; the manual for the Jobo gives a standard C-41 program / process as (paraphrasing): chem 1: 03:15 (obviously developer), chem 2: 06:00 (assume bleach), wash: 01:00, chem 3: 06:00 (assume fix), wash: 04:00. No mention of a final (fourth) bath.

As it's a kit, are we back to the problem of ending up with bleach and fix left over and accumulating as an new kit has to be bought each time for developer? - I suspect so, one reason it would be good to have a PDF detailing the capacity & specification of the kit in more detail.

The packing sizes of the Kodak C-41 chemistry seem too large for my potential colour usage, considering that my photography is very predominantly monochrome.