I'm seriously considering getting a new enlarger for use in my black & white darkroom and I decided upon one of the Saunders LPL 4x5 enlargers. But in speaking about this prospective purchase with a friend, whose knowledge about photo eqpt has never been suspect, I was told to avoid this enlarger because the Saunders LPL enlargers have no provision whatsoever for adjusting the alignment between the negative stage, the lense stage and the baseboard. I just can't beleive this, as these are such a popular a seemingly well engineered enlarger. Anybody here on APUG use the Saunders LPL 4x5 enlarger and can you tell me how you align the enlarger, or if it is at all possible to align the enlarger. Also, would be curious what system you use for the alignment procedure, I have used the adjustable level on my ancient D-2V, but have seen some very hi-tech enlarger alignment systems out there. Thanks in advance