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I guess my question is... How do you find out if a local treasure is on this list? If not, how do you get it on the list?

I have got the 4x5 and/or 5x7, the paper, and maybe one of these days, the time. I would like to ensure that the notable houses in my 'hood, including a Bernard Maybeck, and the original farm house of Brig. Gen. Henry M. Naglee are somehow documented as habs/haer examples.

tim in san jose
hey tim

you can call the habs office in your region and ask if it is on the list (national list)
they are super-nice and call your local government and ask someone in
the planning department, if they are on the "local list"
( the historic preservation people are sometimes hiding out with planners )
you can always document them on your own and submit the film and prints to the state, they like that
don't forget to include a sheet of discriptions of your views
and a site plan/sketch showing where you were standing ...

good luck!