I admire AA for many reasons. But right now, most of all, because on a tiny little corridor in Dad's Diner in Copake (a Diner that is otherwise a monument to 1950's hot rods) - the very corridor that leads to the restrooms there is a framed AA picture of a maple tree in winter.

Given the rest of the Diner's "theme" (including the wallpaper in the Men's Room that features pics of Mustangs*, "bug-eyed" Corvettes, 1957 BellAires) the presence of a framed AA shot suggests that he too has become an American icon!

Gotta love it. I get to see AA and hot rods when I go to take a pee!

* Yes, I know Mustangs are 1964-1/2 or later - but tell that to the wallpaper guy!