Thanks guys!

Found Fotoimpex somewhat complicated to consult for purchase though. Not that it is tricky but once getting used to the common easy access online shopping websites, this site appears somewhat "oldfashioned" and complicated.
OK, I know, might appear stubborn but I prefer to "pick" and "click" and instantly recieving an automatic generated confirmation by mail. Without other lith options it appears I have to get used to...

BTW, just recieved three times 50pcs of Forte and Foma baryta papers from Silverprint, UK. Man, thatīs how it should work. "Pick", "click" and online payment. Dead quick delivery in my post just three days later. Lith developer for sale? Yes, but not for abroad deliveries. :-(

However, thanks! Iīll go for Moersch stuff @ Fotoimpex. Now!