Hi Carl

Put your mind at rest, eh? Well, I'll start, but there is so much to say about this.

Firstly, the print quality is excellent and I'll say no more about it (than perhaps you squeezing your lens to its max :-))

Photographs fall into many categories: some are just 'pretty', some tell a story, some are both, and occasionally, some just imply a story. For me, your's falls into the latter category. Mine generally are just 'pretty'; the viewer will walk past, say "Hmm, that's pretty" and move on to the next. I looked at your's and wondered. And that is why it is great. Simply because it made me wonder. When mine falls though your door, I challenge you not to think 'camera club'. It ticks all the right aesthetic boxes, but you will, metaphorically at least, think "hmm, nice" and move to the next.

I'm not knocking pretty, or anything else, but when someone comes to my house, I want them to wonder why the hell I've a print of a tree and three plastic chairs on my wall, and I know they will mentally keep going back to that image. That's why your print will be the first thing that anyone sees when they walk through my door.