I own one and really like it. however, it is not as easy to align as my omega which has adjustment screws where required. a shim is a fancy word for piece of paper or tape or toothpick shoved into the right place. If you do this for the lens, for instance, you have to realign whenever you change lenses. primative and not at all in keeping with the design and quality of the rest of the enlarger. the enlarger column and head are factory aligned. Mine was perfectly aligned at the negative and baseboard, but out at the lensboard stage. a folded up piece of business card fixed that problem.
The other negative aspect of the enlarger is that it leaks a lot of light compared to my other two enlargers - plan on painting your wall black or using some black masking tape to cover the light leaks.
Don't want to sound too negative about the Saunders. it's really well engineered and constructed. the controls are smooth and the micro focusing knob is a nice feature.

for alignment tools, the Parallel from Versalab is excellent. accurate and fast to use.

take care,