Bruce, I think that's the one you saw at my place. You brought your print to put in. At the time, actually, there was just one portfolio, but after the last round, I split it into two and added everyone on the waiting list, so that both portfolios would have something there for the people at the top of the list and to keep the mailing order reasonable.

Was the last gathering at my place Feb. 2006? Boy, it has been a while. Then there were a few months while we were sorting out the next round for the split, so it got moving in July 2006.

Maybe it's taking a year and a half, even with tighter management of the list than we used to do. There are around 15-20 participants per portfolio, figure each has it for two weeks (some take more than a month, though, and a few can move it along in a week), and a week for mailing (a little less within a single country, but more for the transoceanic hops). I don't suspect another split on the next round, and we've managed to avoid building up a waiting list just by adding new participants to the existing lists, so the turnaround on the next round should be seamless.