Hey guys and gals,

I'm pretty new to the film game. I've recently abandoned the digital world and I'm starting fresh with film. My new (to me) Rolleiflex 3.5E will be coming in this week and I've decided that I want to develop my own film. I've read some tutorials online, and while I'm sure most are reliable enough, I'd like to get some advice from you folk.

To be brief, I have access to a small bathroom in my apartment. It has a bathtub, toilet (duh :P), and a sink all built in a fairly small area. I could fit a small desk in there as well if need be.

Since I'm starting from scratch, what are the materials that I will be needing? BTW, there is NO ventilation in the bathroom. The only way to turn on the fan is to turn on the lights (it's coupled together). Will this be a potential health hazard? Safety first right?

Thanks in advanced,