Congratulations! You are were I was two months ago. Yes I had developed film and printed enlargements, but it had been many years. I still do not have the 120 film loading properly every time but I am getting there. Enjoy! Once you have film down, you will probably come across an enlarger at a good price [Craig's List in Los Angeles, the prices are good and you do not want to ship an enlarger if you can avoid it].

I suggest that you unscrew the lights when you do printing and run the fan. Put the lights back in when you are done.

I built a window covering from wood and black-out material for the bathroom, the wet darkroom and cardboard cover for the bedroom, the dry darkroom [enlarger]. I put a board across the two sinks for the tray, but you can do the same with the bathtub.

Contact me when you are ready for the wet darkroom and I will help you brainstorm. We also have many other APUGgers in Los Angeles.