Jason, I live in a one bedroom apartment with a small bathroom. Tub, toilet and sink. I put a piece of plywood about 2'x2' over the sink to put stuff on. I load my film holders from 4x5 to 8x20 here. I put my daylight tank on here to load my 120 into the daylight tank for development. For sheet film developing I do it in the tub. I got some tile backer board ( hardibacker 1/4") and cut it to fit the tub. I develop my sheet film 4x5,5x7,8x10 in tanks here. I do my 8x20 in trays here also. Everything is within arms reach. I disconnected the fan so it is off when the light goes on and taped the vent so no light gets in. My bedroom has my enlarger in it and I darkened it out also. I develop prints on the platform in the tub. I put my 8x10 washer in the tub to wash prints or I use my Kodak anti-siphon to do prints in an 11x14 tray. For my 8x20' contacts and 16x20 enlargements I put my big washer in the tub and can only get two trays on the other half of the tub and have to use the sink and toilet for the other trays. Where there is a will there is a way.It is very doable. 16x20 is about as large as I can comfortably do in my apartment. Good luck.