In order not to hurt anyone's feelings, I decided to try both Pyrocat MC and a Glycol version of PMK, using the same general recipe for both except. In order to give them equal attention, I used them in equal the same developer. No, I haven't been imbibing the spirits. My thought was that it might broaden the spectrum of the stain color to make things interesting. Of course, this means using the same second bath for both, which cold be a mixture of carbonate and metaborate, but my first effort used only the carbonate. So, for the working solution I took 1 part of the pyrocat, one part of the PMK , 2 parts of the Pyrocat B, and 100 parts of water. It did a fine job in 8 minutes at 70F.

Trouble is, I can't tell whether or not it was ruined for the various tasks each creator assigned to the individual soup. There is copious stain, but anyone over the age of 80 is not qualified to be a visual judge of its spectral content. All I can say is that on FP4+ it gave quite fine grain even enlarged from 35 mm to 11X14, but that is not unusual. The -1 stop and +1 stop exposures were acceptable. Maybe someone else would be kind enough to try this test. If you have PMK stock in water, you could use thatalong with the Pyrocat in either water or glycol.

Next I will try tempering the activity by mixing the B solutions as well.