I do my own developing at home. The only "darkroom" I have is the bathroom where I go to put film on the reel (I find 120 MUCH easier than 35mm - but that's me.) For the time being I can only scan negs, but here's my setup for that:

I have 4 containers: 1 for developer, 1 for stop bath, 1 for fixer and 1 for Fuji Quickwash (optional) Make sure the developer is in a light-proof bottle since it can deteriorate with exposure to light
A squeegee for wiping off excess water from negatives
Film clips
A thermometer
A good timer
A copy of the Massive Dev Chart from here: http://digitaltruth.com/software.html - it has dev times for a zillion different film/developer combinations - invaluable!
Rubber gloves

I've found that once you get the film onto the reel, the rest is pretty easy. Hope that helps and good luck