I've been using Mamiya TLR's for wedding work for years now, but really wanted to move into an SLR system. A friend who's "gone digital" just offered a system to me and I'm looking for opinions. He's willing to let it go for $1500.00 and it's all in great shape and has been serviced within the past year.

Here's the list:

SQA Body with Meter Prism
SQAI Body with Meter TTL Prism
2 120 Backs
Speed Grip
2 - 80mm PS lenses with 67mm UV
150 mm PS lens with 67mm UV
50mm PS lens with 77mm UV
2 Metz 60CT1 Flash units (they need new dry fit batteries)
Sailwind lens shade with filters
67mm Polarizer
67mm Star
Tiffen Softnet FX1
77mm Star (for 50mm lens)
67 Sailwind warming filter
Tiffen 67mm Softnet Diffusion
Hoya Softener B 67mm
all lens hoods and lens cases, manuals
Saunders Flash Bracket
Bogen Reflector stand and swing arm holder with silver/white reflector

Any opinions?