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Aaah, you're a picky bunch of fellows, eh? I found Fotoimpex to work very well, but I then again, I don't need instant gratification. The Calbe stuff is also listed in the Photax pricelist, by the way. Good luck with the lith.

Yip, we are picky!

Talked to Photax and was noticed of their newly added Calbe lith developer. I have never heard about it and considering the poor reply @APUG, despite the high lith interest in general, I guess it is not a very common product (nowadays). I urged for some feedback but lacking answers I finally decided to go for Fotospeed LD20 lith developer from UK. Equal cost all in all at the low qty level I need.

Tons of pics from China ready for lith session! Kentona, Fomatone and Polywarmtone gotta´ get some... Yihaaa!

Ha det bra! Var i Göteborg förresten? Eget lab? Wanna join ours?