I have a very heavy brass addiction.(see Scrigno n.1)
It started many years ago with the curiosity to see how the oldies lenses for LF I saw around me could perform.
This the first part of the addiction (home collection) and the last part (office) will be, if someone is still interesting (too much is too much) next week. I tested most of the lenses I have in a undity way, for some I recorded the datas for others impressions, results sleep in some shelves.
I have a soft spot for casket sets (see Scrigno n.2) and some I collect are really bizzare like a Meyer for stereo camera or a Schulze und Billerbeck Euryplan.
Some are very similar and belong to Vademecum family, others are not so usual.
In the next days I will send photos and comments on them.