Welcome to color printing, Karl!
I can recommend using Printmaster's Photocolor developer and Universal Bleach-Fix in trays at room temperature. They're available from B&H. They work great and last a long time, but for consistency you may need about 50% more time in the developer than the recommendation on the bottle. I've tried tube processing and find the trays much easier, even though I have to do it in the dark.

Rowland Mowrey, an ex-Kodak researcher, says you can use Kodak's RA-RT chemistry at room temperature, even though it's designed for the 100F process. Development time is 2 minutes, if I remember correctly. He's on photo.net, but I'm not sure he's a member of this forum.

If you go the tray route, you'll need something to time the developer - I use an old Spiratone Darkroom Director that's both an enlarging timer and a processing timer, but any timer you can activate and hear in the dark should be fine. I also put a few pieces of glow-in-the dark tape on the trays so I can find them in the dark.