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I'm new to Delaware, living in Bear (near New Castle). I know I am late for the poll, but Sat or Sun is best for me - prefer Sat. If anyone is up this way on a weekend and wants to shoot let me know (les@actwin.com). I'd like to learn about any planned shoots anywhere between here and DC area. Thanks, Les

PM me with your email address and I'll put you on the DC area email list. We've got an informal group that gets together and shoots here on a semi-regular basis (things will most likely be rather quiet through the holiday season though). It's pretty informal, usually on weekends, and we range as far and wide as Charlottesville, VA to Gettysburg and Philadelphia, PA, and we'd be happy to have a trek to your side of the Chesapeake sometime. If you have an outing you'd like some company for, shoot us an email and we'll be glad to join you.