I am working on an 11x14 camera that uses a center box that has the front and rear ends on hinges that fold down to allow a pair of geared standards to be moved out of the box. The fold down ends have rails and slides to allow the standards to be advanced. Each standard connects to the box with a bag bellows which is much easier and cheaper then a big folding bellows. ($50 vs $700). the camera has rear tilt and rise and front rise, tilt and swing. Max extension is 34" and minimum is 9" but could be as short as 7" with a recessed lens board. The boards are fashioned after standard 6" boards. Dimensions closed are 14"x 16" x 10". I am not sure what the final weight will be, but I am shooting for about 15lbs. Construction is of birch, cherry, aluminum and brass.

One nice thing about designing your own camera is you can design your own back and film holders as well. I am using the Wisner number for T-specification which is 0.310. the back has a U shaped construction that contains an aluminum channel that you slide in the film holder ahead of the ground glass. 4 springs hold everything tight.

the film holders are cheap and strong. Each one is a 1/8th piece of black lexan for a backing and a cherry frame glued and screwed around it. the cherry is routed to hold a dark slide, the top of the holder has a pair of staggered felt pieces for light traps and the slide is 3/32" plastic. The film is held in place by strip magnets on the long dimenension of the film and metal tape on the surface of the lexan back. the holder is a double and is about 3/4" thick. Weight about 1 lbs. I figure the cost of the holder if I pay to have the plastic cut and drilled is about $30. Can I interchange them with standard holders? No, but I can build a bunch of my own for the $300 to $400 cost of new ones.