"I have 4 containers: 1 for developer, 1 for stop bath,
1 for fixer and 1 for Fuji Quickwash (optional)."

One is enough. After loading the tank add a correct
amount of one of several excellent one-shot developers
to the correct amount of water. Stir, pour into tank then
begin agitation. Allow two minutes twixt your series of

Time twixt periods of agitation is used to quick rinse
the container and dissolve or stir in a correct amount of
fixer into a correct amount of water. Fixer can be used
in the same manor as developer, very dilute one-shot.
No stop bath is needed because developer build up
in a one-shot fixer is nill.

While the fixer is at work quick rinse the container then
stir a correct amount of PhotoFlo into a correct amount
of water.

"A squeegee for wiping off excess water from negatives"

I use a squeegee. Years ago it was a sponge type but
have switched to an eight blade film squeegee. They are
sold under several brand names and not cheap; $15?

I too have little counter space. I don't mind the few
extra minutes it takes to process using very dilute
developers and fixers. There is a savings in time
when cleaning-up as some can be done in
conjunction with processing. Dan