I guess Hasselblad has to do what it can to survive in this age of global competition. At least they haven't moved their whole operation to China, yet. I personally won't buy one of the new 645 blad's, I am happy with my "old" non-af 501c and the wonderful CZ glass that goes with it.
Now maybe if Hasselblad would reduce the price it would be more tempting. Unfortunatly it will probably be like the x-pan where it is sold in the US as a Hasselblad, and globally as a Fuji product for less money. Short term it probably seems like a good idea for them to do this, in the longrun however I think it will only act to undermine the value of Hasselblad and it will either hurt the company as a whole, or the product line will be discontinued. Why use a Hasselblad made by Fuji, when I could just go out and buy a Fuji Medium format camera? That is my two 2..