I have had my Horizon 202 for 14 years now. This is a Russian camera.

The Pro II as I understand it is Chinese made, I have seen one and watched the owner use it. I noted that all of the good points of the Horizon and most of the bad points, were in that camera.

In other words, there didn't appear to be any major difference build quality wise, and picture taking wise.

It's big, bulky and the negatives require you to have a 4x5 enlarger. I have enlarged some of the negatives for the aforementioned owner.

Using FP4+ film in both my horizon 202 and my friend's Widepan, we noted one interesting point regarding the lenses.

With B&W film I am a great user of orange filters for kicking the contrast, especially regarding clouds. Usually with any lens on any camera I find an orange filter the best for my tastes.

However with my Horizon 202, the best negatives always come from using the yellow/green filter that came with the Horizon. Knowing this, my friend picked up a yellow green filter which he had cut down to the size of the filter holder which apparently came with the camera.

His negatives and mine, apart from obvious size differences, appeared to have near identical contrast.

My friend usually uses a red filter to get his desired effect, but he found he preferred the yellow/green filter with this camera.

I had a quick look at the website you mentioned and noted the price of the camera, seems hellishly expensive. Almost getting up into the Noblex range of pricing.

Have you had much experience with swinging lens cameras?

I have found that one goes through phases with these cameras. I will use it sometimes because I'm in a swing camera mode, other times because of the special effects possible.

It is however, not a camera that a lot of people carry around after the initial new owner flourish has dissipated.