I agree with mrcallow. A competent machine shop could probably cut the pieces from solid stock, cut the grooves for each septum and weld it together for around $200-$250 in Omaha. costs would vary depending on where you live. You would need to do some research to design a grafmatic type holder and decide on materials. Plastic is a good choice for some components but difficult to groove or cut to tolerances required for the side components.

Understand that what ever dimensions, specifications and measurements you give to a machine shop will be exactly what you get. The machines are extremely precise and cost is determined by materials and total number of cuts, milling, drilling etc. If the specifications you use are off by hundredths of an inch you are sol.

All that being said, it is very doable. Maybe we need to start up an APUG equipment division. Get a volunteer to research all the costs, pros and cons involved and then people who want the item can kick in for the costs of a prototype if it is feasable. Any one wanting to buy a "product" would get it at cost of mfg plus maybe $5 that could be donated to the operation of APUG. The initial group that developed the product would have to handle any financial or paperwork issues, but if they were sold for no profit that would be minimal. Anyway just another quick brain fart.