As for ventilation, You can buy on ebay asome nice exhaust fans. get some plywood the demensions of your window and mount the fan in it. Then when you open the window you can stick the fan on the board into it. Use ehavy black out plastic to cover the portion of the window that is exposed. The plastic is cheap on the B&H web site. As for safe lights I have a couple that I am not using. PM me with your address and I will send them to you. As for the food storage problem, get those big plastic tub containers. It keeps it totally protected. The washer you can set up out in the kitchen. My darkroom set up is in a spare bedroom with the bathroom across the hall. I have a larger tray set up with just plain water to hold the prints until I can run to the bathroom and put them in the washer. This also gives me a chance to open the door for fresh air to circulate in. It sounds like space will be really tight. I would get the stacking type of holders to put your print trays into. Saves a lot of space. My darkroom is not that much larger. 12x12