Do not let the lack of a local source of water keep you from setting up in the most ideal space!
I have a wonderful, permanent darkroom that has no water, and I have to tell you that it is not really a pain in the posterior! here's what I do... When I am ready to use the darkroom, I fill two containers with 68degF water... the first is a gallon container and it is used for mixing my chemicals. I do keep stop bath pre-mixed.
The second is a 5-gallon container that I use for a primary rinse. I keep a somewhat larger tray for that rinse. When I am done enlarging, I empty the primary rinse water, developer and stop bath into a large bucket and dump them. The used fixer goes into one of two dark containers - used, used fixer or first time used fixer. I do all my final rinsing in a large container in the tub. If you do a search in the forum on final rinse or some such phrase, you will find a plethora of info there about rinse methods!

I use a safelight that screws into a regular light socket. It was relatively cheap and works fine. I am pretty sure you can get sheets of plastic in OC Amber and put it over the lens of a flashlight. I know people who use red sheets for this, too. This stuff is thin... like plastic sheeting.

As far as keeping things separated from food, make sure your food is in sealed plastic containers, or make sure your chemicals are in sealed in plastic containers! I would think the bigger problem would be chemical spills (all that sloshing about in trays). But what I would do is invest in a couple plastic tablecloths...the kinds with the flannel backs. Put the trays on them and let them cover the fronts of the other shelves. That way, if developer decides to mutiny over the edge, the worse thing you will have to clean is the floor!
I would make sure that whatever you put your enlarger on is very stable and cannot be 'jiggled' around. That is the key! It must be stable!

So, I hope this helps! Yeah, maybe one day I'll have water and giant sinks and two enlargers and an unlimited supply of paper and...... oops! Sorry! Off track!