Tri-X 400 (everything/everywhere! I just love the look of this film)
NPH 400 (portraits, high contrast days, indoor shooting)
Afga Portrait 160 (portraits, strong on the reds)
Velvia (low contrast days & landscapes)
Provia (don't really shoot this for landscape, more general purpose outdoor)
HIE (mainly summer/foliage, but anytime I want real character and funky results)
Plus-X 125 (trying it out in my YashicaMat)

I just ordered some Kodak Portra (VC & NC) to try out on an upcoming ski trip.

I used to shoot Sensia for landscapes, but after using Velvia, the price difference seems worth it. I also get weird results with Provia sometimes - I seem to get low tonal separation in a lot of landscape shots (which is why I don't use it much for landscape anymore).

Been meaning to try EV100, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Have tried Ilford SFX, but it's really not much different than regular B&W, at least in my experience - if you're going for the infrared look, HIE gives it, albeit at the cost of mucho grain.