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Why would you ever photograph with another photographer? Maybe if you're in a bad neighbourhood and need someone to watch your back...
LOL! Not a bad idea, Svend. In fact I'm starting to do a bit of night-time photography and I had actually thought about the idea of bringing along a bodyguard ..eh.. companion to keep an eye out while I shoot. But from now-on, not another photographer! I think that a good dog would be perfect as long as it's not a pointer, indicating better subject matter!

As to your first question, when I was a teenager —and an absolute Ansel groupie-freak living in the Bay Area— a similarly-stricken friend and I used to go on "photo safari" in his VW camper-bus, leaving in the wee hours of the morning like some sort of fisherguys. We wanted to "catch the morning light" someplace or the other . . . just like Ansel surely must have done.

At that time I had good reasons to go shooting with a photo-friend:

1. It was fun (not that we weren't serious!). At that age (or stage) it was great to hang-out with someone who appeciated the exact-same interests.

2. I hadn't much of an idea of what to photograph anyway, and I was open to suggestions

3. To share expenses of the photo safari 'cause my mom was tired of paying for workshops

4. To share film and equipment

5. To share the experience (....something I no longer care to do .. that's why I called myself selfish. However —come to think of it—, perhaps the act of taking a photograph and showing it isn't so selfish, afterall. It's important, then, to have the right conditions to work under!)