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... OTOH, I can't even imagine tolerating the kind of stereotypical 'photo tour' that has a mass of folks pointing their auto-everything SLRs at the same subject and firing away like a gaggle of paparazzi.
That's the limit for me. I don't mind other like minded folks shooting along with me but the above reminds me a of a recent incident in the Grand Teton NP. I had set up my LF equipment on top of Signal mountain well before sunrise. As I waited in the quiet air for first light on the Teton range, a 15 passenger van showed up full of DSLR shooters. It was a Nikonian tour and it turns out there were three such vans in the park that day. They set up all around me jabbering away about digi this and hyperfocal that. They then all pulled out their sunrise colored graduated filters and proceeded to make fake sunrise shots as the light began to hit the mountains. Talk about a disappointing morning.