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Like ones that tell you something is 100%. Don't believe them. They are not looking hard enough to find the impurities.

Mick's AR grade is certainly more believable - to get to AR grade it was most certainly purified more that Borax that was hauled by a 20 mule team, and even that extra purity could not get it to 100%.

So, Pat, why are we supposed to beleive that your inexpensive grade of borax is actually 100%?
I never said you had to believe anything. I did not assume anything. The statement that something is probably this or that is not an assumption of fact, and I did not even estimate the probable eror of my statement. I did not even say I believed what the label said. I only reported it. My assertion that in most cases for which we use borax, accuracy is not critical is, I think, true or I would not have said it. If you have some evidence of harmful impurities in 20 Mule Team Borax, please tell us what they are. All I can say is I have used it photographically for over 60 years with no troubles. Anything that is good enough to deodorize baby diapers is good enough for my needs.

If you are so concerned about the content of the 20 Mule Team Borax box, you could do us a great service by analyzing it to see if it comes up to the 99+ % of the analytical reagent, and what in fact makes up the difference, and also what makes up the difference between the analytical reagent and absolute purity.

I am a great believer in the word ASS-U-ME. I learned it in my 30 years as an Aeronautical Research Engineer-Scientist.