10X10? Oh the humanity! My darkroom is 24"X6'. You read that right, 24 inches. I have a sink thats outside, but next to the closet. Getting water is no big deal. I enlarge and dev inside the closet. After wash I can move the prints to the bathroom to inspect, wash more if desired, and dry. I purchased a used safelight from a local camera shop for $10. It's one of those old 4X5 Kodak lights with removable lenses. I even got extra lenses in the deal. For a larger room you might need more though. Not much I can do about ventilation unless I put a hole in the wall. I'm usually only in there in 2 to 3 hour shifts. With frequent trips to the bathroom to evaluate and hang prints. All the negatives are outweighed by one big positive; I don't have to tear down my darkroom every time. I go in, pour my chems, and have fun. The biggest hassle is taking the trays into the bathroom to pour chems back into bottles. I'm not too hot on the idea keeping food and chems in the same area. I'm sure you could find another place to store them. Heck, priorities man! Store the food somewhere else!
The Rat