I&#39;ve used the fuji quickchange <plug>Purchased from the fine folks at http://www.robertwhite.co.uk </plug> it holds eight (i think) sheets, but isn&#39;t as sturdy as the grafmatics.

I&#39;m not familiar with the S&S holders and if they only (?) cost 300.00 a pair thats a far cry from the 1k B&H gets for the plastic/metal holders. The ones we had were Fidelity stamped with a medical indicia of some sort and simply did not seem as if they should be so expensive. The wood ones we had were old (as in 1950&#39;s or 60&#39;s) B&J&#39;s that were used with a huge B&J process camera. These were very nicely tooled, heavy and attractive.

I would be willing to work with anyone who might want to work on building our own.. Be it the grafmatic/quickchange style or like the kind David has mentioned.