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I have a hydroponic marijuana growing operation.
I've often wondered if my neighbors had this perception with my bathroom window covered with foil or black plastic.

The other day I was mixing up some Pyrocat HD from powdered chemicals. I was doing this on my kitchen counter, in front of the open window, at night. I'm sure everyone who went by could see in and wondered just what I was doing with that scale and all that white powder. We do have a big meth producing problem here in rural Iowa. I was half expecting a visit from the sheriff.

I have no place for a permanent darkroom at this house and have to set up in the only bathroom every time I want to dev film or print. It's a major pita. We are moving, however, in a couple of weeks and this will change. I would go with the pantry if I were you. You'll find that the lack of running water is much less an inconvenience than having to set up & tear down your darkroom every time you want to use it.