ULF is just a buzzword, but it's nice to be a self-proclaimed member of such an exclusive - but open - club.

Most consider 7x17" already ULF, but that's only valid for the longest side, a 7" high negative is not very impressive but if you combine that with almost 2.5 times its width...!!!

I do agree that anything larger than 8x10" could be considered ULF, only because of the practicability in the field.

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7x17 ... - anorexic format
well, YOU made vertical images with it!

Scooter, can I make you yealous when I say that I'm going to Fontainebleau end of december? Not for bouldering but for making 7x17" images.
OK, call it gross and decadent

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I think I once posted that "ULF" is what you say when you realize you've just bought a very large camera, and you realize you need more darkroom space, and more storage space for the negs and proofs, and you can't make small proof prints, and you need a bigger lightbox, and even your garbage can isn't big enough for the rejects.
Splendid description, David. I should stick that to my darkroom door.