I wasn't sure if anyone has already posted this same info, so I thought I might as well...

-3.) News From Ilford

Ilford Imaging, weighed down by more than 40 million of debt, asked
accountancy firm Grant Thornton to oversee its sale. The group will likely
separate its two businesses: the UK black-and-white films and photographic
paper division, and the Swiss inkjet printing business.

Ilford Imaging USA Inc. is continuing business as usual, President Ward
Phillips said. "We are taking every action and precaution to maintain
ongoing operations with our customers. At the same time, behind the
scenes, we will be working with our related companies in the Ilford group
to improve its performance," he said.

Communications Manager Wendy Erickson said the U.S. firm is solvent, and
plans to go forward with its Photokina exhibit, and booth in PMA 2005.
Ilford USA feels confident of its Swiss supply, and markets some things
from outside sources. Photo paper and related supplies are probably
dependent on the UK parent company finding a buyer, Erickson said.-

this is from the latest Maine Photographic newsletter.