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I really think I've come to the wrong place, and I really don't have enough experience to be posting here. If a moderator could please delete this thread I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
I doubt very seriously if you've come to the wrong place especially if you feel experience is a critical factor. Experience is not a criteria. Nor is knowledge of the subject for that matter.

APUG is made up of a lot of well wishing people who are very eager to share their experiences with you. And their knowledge.

As to which Pyro formula is better for the beginner, the Hutchings book is invaluable in terms of source material but it will not answer your question of which is best...

The Formulary offers a number of Pyro pre mixed developers that you might select from and give it a try. There are many threads here that discuss some variations on Sandy Kings' PYROCAT-HD but they presume a knowledge base of Pyro development.

Rather than deleting a thread I would hope you jump in with both feet. Then maybe you will tell us what is the best...