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I have been lurking on this forum for awhile, and it's time for me to ask a question. I'm coming back to film after a long hiatus. I've started shooting B and W again recently, and I have an interest in Pyro processing. After looking at a bunch of photos, I really like the look of Pyro. I thought I'd just jump in, but there are several formulations available. What would the best be for a beginner to pyro, but someone who has experience with standard developers, and has a background in chemistry? I've been leaning towards getting the PMK/Gordon Hutchings book combo from the Formulary, but I'd be interested in other folks experience in learning to work with it.
Hi Doug,
I would recommend starting out with PMK primarily because of "The Book of Pyro". Gordon Hutchings book is an excellent beginners guide to using staining developers. While there is a lot of information on the net I found having an actual book to be very helpful.
The other thing I lke about PMK is the stock solutions last indefinitely. Pyrocat-HD will go bad over time although the version formulated with glycol is supposed to last a very long time as well.
One final consideration is how do you process your film? Do you use some kind of rotary processor like a Jobo or are you using a manual tank? If you're using a rotary processor, you may find Pyrocat a bit easier to use as it doesn't oxidize as quickly. Ultimately, you will probably end up trying both so whatever you decide, I'd still recommend getting Hutchings book.