Doug, I must agree with everyone here. When I came back to Photography after a long period I did a lot of research. Read as much as you can and use Google a lot. There is a lot of information out there. Then post a question on this forum. We are all here to help. I have posted some dumb questions in the past but I have learned a lot by asking! The wealth of information on this forum is astounding. I came back to my photography using my 120 camera and now I'm using 4x5 through 8x20 ( which I built myself with the help of generous people here) not knowing or ever developing film myself. I now use Pyrocat-HD that I mix from scratch and do things I would have never ever imagined without the help I received here. It is all a learning process for all of us, from the one's first starting out to the most accomplished professionals here. My passion for my craft has grown by leaps and bounds by all of the help I've gotten here. I can't thank everyone enough. Keep posting, please.