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I really think I've come to the wrong place, and I really don't have enough experience to be posting here. If a moderator could please delete this thread I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
Welcome to APUG Doug. I hate to start off with a new member by telling them they're wrong, but in this case, happily, you are. (thats about it, everyting else is JMO)

The experience that is here at APUG is cumulative, so you can ask a question and get a hundred years worth of experience in reply.

Regarding Pyro developers, I would recommend PMK as well. It is very basic, very forgiving, very predictable, and very stable. If you use a Jobo or some such, a a Pyrocat developer is more stable, and is a fine developer, but has a different stain (brown) than PMK (green/yellow). All pyro negs look kinda weird, and can appear to be unprintable. The only way to really judge them is printing.

Hope this helps, and please ask question you have a mind to.