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Hi there,
One of my worse fears about ballheads is loosening the slack, and then finding the whole camera set up crashes down at 90 degrees, risking damage to something, or snipping off a finger or two. Does this happen to anyone with larger medium format or large format cameras?
I do like oversized levers which scream out: "hello - I'm a lever - turn me". I used a cheap ballhead briefly and found that I had to use my nose to support the camera. Once with a 35mm camera, it poked out a contact lens because of its sudden movement when the tension was released - that wasn't too bad. But the same experience with a large format .....?!!
Doesn't happen with mine. There's a picture (d*gital, I'm afraid) of the head holding 8kg of Technika III 5x7" and Xenar 300mm/4.5 to a Stabil Macro tripod here:http://www.bruraholo.no/images/DSCN0090.JPG .