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I've never owned an enlarger, and now all I have is my 8x10 cam. So the question is (not trying to hijack the thread): Should I get a bigger camera or an 8x10 enlarger?

Hmmm, I do have a 16' ceiling in my DR....
Yet another possibility is to get the enlarger and print to what ever size you like, in my case 20x24. Then get a larger camera. A panoramic view is a great compliment to the 8x10 shape. I have 7x17 that I contact print in a frame built by Bill Schwab. This is used on the enlarger table under the enlarger light source and filters.

If you do a series of twenty images for a class or show this gives yet another level of interest to the group. Most shows push for uniformity of image size. In a photo critique at APUG-Toronto, Les McLean suggested a mix of 20x24, 7x17 contact prints and 4x5 contact detail prints. My instructor wanted uniformity, but I like the idea and have started to use it on my latest series for a potential show outside of school.

John Powers