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... with a further 30% decline in sales of B&W products in the first 7 months of this year alone,...
This is something I just don't understand.

If you were to tell me that APS sales had crashed, I'd say of course they have.

Kodak/Fuji 35mm 200asa colour - I'd expect that to be a serious casualty, as people start taking their family snaps on cheap digitals.

But "Auntie Doris" doesn't shoot black and white. If she did it would be C41. She certainly doesn't dev and print it herself. To her film comes in yellow boxes, and there's only one sort. She's never heard of (never mind bought) HP5 or Delta.

The "mass market" of consumers, who are the target are the digital push haven't been Ilford customers since the 1960's.

Ilford's customer base is "us". Anyone shooting bw and printing it themselves is doing it because that's something they WANT to do. Those who just wanted to take photo's have been using colour for 30 years.

Maybe I'm underestimating the influence of the "camera nerd" - the guy who has to have every gadget. He's in the "early adopter" catagory, and has been financing the development of all sorts of bad technology for as long as anyone can remember...

I'd have though Ilford's core market was safe - shows what I know!