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Any way to flag prints that might be available for trade when they post to the regular galleries? That way the poster could get pm'd by someone interested in their image, work out a mutual swap in private, then post the results in the swap thread. This would at least eliminate the possible embarrassment of posting something in the thread and not getting a public response there. Swap results could be shown without cluttering up the thread with images that turned out to be less popular than expected.

Seems to me this is about the only way it can work. Posting the image to ones gallery with a note in the discription that this image is available for swap will place it in public view for as long as it lasts on one page of the public gallery. Perhaps Sean could include a line in the photo discription to indicate this image is available for swap so a Members search of galleries could be done on the key "Available For Swap".

Someone interested in swapping would PM the poster and refer him/her to his gallery for a trade. If it is not of interest to the OP he need not reply and it doesn't happen.

Somebody's nose will get out of joint at some time but that will happen anyway.