Hello all. I've recently discovered an old, exposed roll of 120 Agfa Scala. It's a mystery roll, as I can't remember what on earth I shot with it, but at the time I was shooting scala I was sending it out to be developed. Since then, I've created my own darkroom (i.e. bathroom) for large format sheet film, and I figure I can develop the scala myself, but I've got a few questions for guidance.

The roll was exposed at least 1 year, maybe 2 years ago. I assume there will be some kind of speed change and I'm sure I shot the roll at iso200, so what should I assume the speed of the film is now, for developing purposes.

Also, I'd just as soon develop it as negative film, if feasible, because I've never done reversal processing before, and I don't have any of the chemicals required (I don't think I do, anyway).

Can I develop this in Pyrocat HD with water stop and TF-4 fix and still expect any sort of decent results? Any suggestions for development times?

Thanks for any help you can give, I'm still relatively new to darkroom work and do have a 120 reel film dev tank, but I've never used it.