I'm not sure what I may have said about adding sulfite to PQ-TEA or CAT-P-TEA. Well, I'm 77 years old. It was probably for the purpose of activating the synergism. Pyrocat HD and PMK both have a little sulfite. Too much reduces the stain. In the case of PQ-TEA, 1 gram/liter of working solution is enough. As you add more, the developer begins to take on the characteristics of many other PQ developers. No stain, lots of contrast, etc.

It's no great strain to add a pinch of sulfite to the working solution, or a bunch of it to the B solution. It is not required for keeping the A solution if you mix that in glycol.

Another thing I have found is that TEA is a good substitute for the B solution of PMK. I have used it in the same amounts I would have used for the Kodalk solution. If you mix your own, the Kodalk solution is sometimes a matter of concern judging from the many posts I have seen asking what to do when it won't all dissolve.

Anything I say here is only a suggestion, and my feelings won't be hurt If any of you find a better way. They might be hurt if you don't tell us about it.