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I guess you haven't seen their negatives. I certainly couldn't print them on enlarging paper.

What I really meant to say was "Don't use ABC, which is what M&P use".

PMK has other problems, not the least of which is much greater general (aka fog) stain than ABC.

I still believe the best developer for both enlarging and contact printing purposes is Pyrocat.

Personally, I don't use either pyrogallol or pyrocatechin based developers for 90% of my negatives.

Nothing has been as overhyped as pyro developers, except perhaps Azo.
Their negatives are dense because AZO has such a long scale that they need to develop them to a very high contrast. Clearly they are not suitable for enlarging paper, but this isn't because of the developer they use - it's because of the development time they use. If they were using another developer like D76, their negatives still wouldn't print well on enlarging paper.
I use both PMK and Pyrocat and find little difference between the negatives other than the color of the stain. My PMK negatives certainly do not have significantly more general stain than my Pyrocat negatives.