A developer I always liked, but that almost requires a selenium toning session afterwards (unless you like a green cast) is Ilford Bromophen.
I have used it diluted to 1+3 and have had good results from it. It's sold in powder form so shipping should be reasonable. It works really well with Kentmere Kentona paper and Ilford Warmtone.
I can't say that it's precisely like A-130, but it does display a really nice tonal scale, and its keeping properties was good in my darkroom. I used the same concentrate, stored in a glass bottle, for almost a year without any noticeable change.

- Thomas

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I've been mixing and using Ansco 130 for a few years and love it for its "look" and keeping qualities as a paper developer. But the combined cost of Glycin and shipping to Australia is getting prohibitive. Can anyone suggest an alternative?

I prefer to mix my own developers rather than buying proprietary products.

Thanks in advance